Essence of Nature Foot Patches


Import from Korea with natural ingredients.  Essence of Nature foot patches may help to eliminate toxins from the body and remove adverse moisture. It is ideal for relieving muscle fatigue, cold hands and feet. It can also be used for all kinds of body ache and discomfort. It is a fantastic choice for busy city people. It should be used for the treatment of the foot to absorb reflexology, and it can also be applied to any uncomfortable area.

There are six different types of foot patches: Rose, lavender, forest, warm, eucalyptus, and bamboo. Yes, I tried all of them! These patches are made to help relax, refresh and re-energize your body. Kind of like aromatherapy for your foot. It didn’t say detox anywhere on the box, I’m guessing because I’ve researched that there were some false claims about how some foot patches brands can draw out toxins. Anyway, these patches recommend that you use it after playing sports or hiking, standing for long periods of time, or after wearing heels. It says that it helps relieve tension in your foot.

Each box comes with 10 patches/5 pairs. The sachets are packed individually, probably to prevent the smell from fading. You have to attach these sachets to the sticker provided in the center and then you stick them on your foot. Easy! They say that it’s best if you put this on before you sleep. The next morning you peel it off and you can witness the shockingly brown goo that is saturated the sachet pad. It’s pretty gross looking, to be honest, and it would be nice to think that the brown discoloration was caused by the toxins that it drew out, but that’s not quite the case. I think it’s just the sweat that moistens the powder and it turns it that color. You should also wash or wipe after you’ve taken it off. We got the technical stuff out of the way now here’s what I think. Did I feel any different? I really didn’t feel any different. Maybe I slept better, but it could be a placebo effect. I did like the aroma on some of the patches.If you have trouble sleeping or you are very active and have to stand up for long periods of time, I would suggest that you try it at least. 

Rose patch – I loved the rose smell! It’s so relaxing to me.

This one has rose oil, wood vinegar, agaricus (mushroom species), eucalyptus oil, mugwort extract, and vitamin C.

Eucalyptus patch – I also loved the refreshing smell. It is said that it improves concentration! Good for pre-exam or meeting days.

This one has eucalyptus oil, wood vinegar, agaricus, tourmaline*, chitosan, and vitamin C.

*Natural ore from Brazil. It is effective in generating the minus-ion and improving the blood circulation of the body by the far-infrared ray effect. (Taken from brand website)

Lavender patch – Also smells wonderful! Lavender helps relieve tension and aids sleep.

This one has lavender oil, wood vinegar, agaricus (mushroom species), eucalyptus oil, mugwort extract, and vitamin C.

Warm patch – This one to me smells like a heater… in a good way! Like a woody warm scent. Also this one heats up a little. After I took it off it felt weird because it felt warm but my foot was cool to the touch. Great for winter.

This one has agaricus (mushroom species), tourmaline, chitosan, eucalyptus oil, loquat extract, and vitamin C.

Forest patch – This one has the same smell as the warm patch. Meh and I think the most basic out of the six.

This one has wood vinegar, chitosan, pure silica, mugwort extract, and herb powder.

Bamboo patch – this one has the same smell too… also the same ingredients list… hm.

This one has wood vinegar, chitosan, pure silica, mugwort extract, and herb powder.