How Edenvale Removed Alcohol?


Edenvale alcohol removed wines are produced using the most sophisticated and efficient methods of alcohol extraction, including the use of the Spinning Cone Column that has been modified for the production of Edenvale.

The Spinning Cone Column removes the alcohol from the base wine through a process of distillation, while being careful to protect the delicate aromas. The wine is refined, purified and then goes through a blending process to return volume and sweetness. This is achieved by adding a small amount of grape concentrate (6%).

The overriding philosophy for the production of the Edenvale range is that the beverage starts as a naturally fermented wine and that only varietal grape juice must be used. Under the general principles of winemaking, and adhering to the AWBC (Australian wine and branding corporation) standards, water cannot be added to wine and we apply the same winemaking principal in the production of Edenvale. The use of selected wine and special extraction of alcohol guarantees the highest quality of products.

1. Finished wine is fed into the top of the Spinning Cone Column;
2. Rotating cones use centrifugal force to transform the wine into a thin film;
3. Under vacuum and at low temperatures, typically less than 30oC, steam that has been produced from wine is fed into the bottom of the column. When it comes into contact with the film, it extracts the wine’s delicate aromas and flavours and protects them from oxidization;
4. The remaining liquid is passed through the column again, at a temperature of approximately 35-40oC to remove the alcohol;
5. The flavour and aroma essences are recombined with the de-alcoholized wine and blended with unfermented varietal grape juice (to replace lost volume), creating a wine with less than 0.5% alcohol by volume.