Who is Edenvale wine for?

Edenvale wines are a sophisticated lifestyle beverage, and a healthy option for those who prefer not to drink alcohol for health, fitness, pregnancy, safety (designated drivers, people on call), or religious reasons.


Is Edenvale good for me?
  • Edenvale is non-intoxicating
  • Edenvale has less than (nearly) half the calories of normal wine, tastes great and is rich in antioxidants


Are Edenvale wines safe to drink during pregnancy?

Yes, Edenvale wines are safe to drink during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Edenvale contains trace amounts of alcohol (<0.5%ABV). These alcohol levels are similar to those found in fresh fruit juices. If you have any concerns, we suggest that you seek medical advice to check that your doctor is comfortable with you consuming our product.


What is the calorie content of the Edenvale wines?

When alcohol is removed from a wine, so too are large quantities of calories. Alcohol is created from the fermentation of natural sugars found in the grape, hence, the strong relationship between alcohol, sugar and therefore calories. The removal of alcohol from wine translates to a reduction in calories. For example, the removal of 13% alcohol by volume translates to nearly a 40% calorie reduction.

Weight watchers reference – 0.5 point per serve.



Are Edenvale wines completely alcohol free?

The average finished alcohol level of the Edenvale range is approximately 0.2-0.3% Alcohol/Volume. It is virtually impossible to remove 100% of the alcohol from a fermented beverage. Delicate alcohol extraction technology is used to ensure varietal definition and flavours are retained in the finished product so consumers can still enjoy a sophisticated beverage without the effect of alcohol.

Edenvale Alcohol Removed wines contain less alcohol than most freshly squeezed orange juices. The International Standard for a non intoxicating beverage is 0.5% Alc/Vol (of which Edenvale is nearly half). Below this level the regulatory body, Food Standards of Australia and New Zealand, do not require producers to include any statement of Alcohol content.

We of course recommend if you have any concerns about the trace amounts of alcohol to seek a doctor’s advice before purchasing Edenvale.


Where do the grapes come from?

We source the grapes used in the production of Edenvale from select vineyards across South Eastern Australia. Our winemaking team strives to select optimum parcels of fruit that display strong varietal definition.

If I have a medical condition is it ok for me to drink Edenvale?
This depends on what the medical condition is. There are minimum levels of the standard preservatives used in winemaking and the residual sugar content should be checked if this is an issue with your diet. Any significant concerns should be checked with your local medical practitioner or doctor.
Does Edenvale have the same concentration of antioxidants as normal wine?

Edenvale has at least the same levels of antioxidants as full alcoholic wine and there is evidence from the Australian National Measurements Institute to suggest the levels are even higher. This is possibly due to the concentration of the wine when the alcohol is removed.

Other research suggests the antioxidants last longer in the blood plasma without the presence of alcohol.

Are Edenvale wines, animal product free?

Edenvale wines do not contain egg or fish; however milk products are used during the filtration process of the wine (casein).