About Essence of Nature Foot Patch

These are sap patches for your feet from a brand called The Essence of Nature

There are six different varieties of sap patches and they all have slightly different properties. They are lavender, rose, forest, eucalyptus, bamboo and warm. They made through a special production process which includes burning trees in charcoal kilns then capturing and refrigerating the extracts that are released with the smoke. They also make natural liquids full of beneficial ingredients sourced from nature including the sap which is extracted from trees.

The idea behind these sap patches is to act kind of like aromatherapy/reflexology; they are supposed to help you relax, refresh and re-energize. They are recommended relief of tension in your feet so they are good for use after long periods of standing, after sports or hiking, wearing heels and such. I tried each of them for different times and more than once to really test them out.

The sap patches originated from traditional folk medicine. The feet have long been used for health and wellness as they are thought to be connected to all parts of the body. It also talks about how our feet show symptoms of stress like swollen legs and feet and because they are the main support for the body can build up wastes. Because this waste goes to your feet the soles are best for application of the sap patches. You can apply them on other areas but they recommend this is the best to experience the benefits. The energy of natural ingredients from trees and other resources can absorb toxic waste from the human body

It also goes on and say that the ingredients produce something called natural infrared rays (FIR) energy. Apparently this energy can improve blood circulation which is why you can have better sleep and improved well being and can feel light and refreshed. Not sure about all this but if you are curious please check out the website and do some research of your own. I don’t tend to put a lot of stock in to these naturopathy type things but that is my own opinion and there are many people who swear by it.