Return Policy

5 days return guarantee

This website provides you with a "5-day return on purchase" (excluding "non-returnable products"), so you can have no worries about shopping. Most products purchased on this website are eligible for a refund or refund of the purchase return for five days from the date of receipt (subject to Hongkong Post or express delivery check-in records). Please contact us before returning. For details, please refer to the "Refund Policy" in the "Notes".

Non-returnable product

Sorry, the following conditions or products will not accept return refund or return return service:
The product receipt period has exceeded 5 days.
The product has been opened or used (eg, the packaging tape or box has been torn).
The product has not been properly packaged, damaged, damaged or incomplete.
Any book and accessories.
Any food, including (but not limited to) cookies, snacks, nutritious fruit bars, baby formula, etc.
Any discount, clearance, or sale product that does not accept returns.
Any free gifts and trial gifts.
In the event of any dispute, the final decision on this website may not be reconciled.